Bellmore Kennels
Adult Dogs/ Puppies for Sale
 We only breed 1 or 2 Litters per year, and only with Select Breeding, that we feel offers a betterment to the breed. We strive to have bold pups, that will HUNT and HANDLE WELL, and be a great ADDITION to your FAMILY!!!!

FOR SALE AS OF 08/01/15

Charm  $800
AKC Registered, Broke Gyp, runs well solo or in a pack. Hunts good, runs a good line, prefers to be first or second dog in pack, runs a 7 speed. Good nose, and check work. Excellent Kennel Manners.
She can be seen running in video, she is the leader of the second pack, with orange collar, and then is dog hunting solo.
Here is link

I don't sell many dogs, anybody that has purchased from me will vouch for the the quality of dogs I have.



BELLMORES PUP E @ 10 Weeks OLD !!                                                  BELLMORES SHIMP @ 8 Weeks OLD!!

These PUPS were Bred at Bellmore Kennels, and are with their new owners!! These Pups were BLUE/GREY and from different Litters!!!


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