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We are a small kennel, located in Bellmore,NY. We have been in the sport of beagling since 1990, and have been hunting since a child. We only hunt our hounds and do not trial, we usually keep a maximum of 6 hounds, with one or two litters per year.
The bloodlines in my kennel are Blackcreek,Inline BlackJack, Patch, Buckshot Mr Bill, and Branko. We also have a swiss hound, imported from canada. All of our hounds hunt both cottontail and snowshoe hare.
Most of our hunting takes place on Long Island, but occasionally we travel north to hunt snowshoe hare, and once a year we travel to Maine.
If you want to talk dogs or maybe want to setup a hunt,give me a call (917) 882-9325 or email me

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Here are some Hunts from this past Rabbit Hunting season!!

I went on a solo hunt in upstate NY, had awesome runs!!
October Hunt-

Maine Hare Hunt with Frank, Joe, Joe and our host Stanley
We had a great time and some nice runs!!

Long Island November hunt with Frank from FJM beagles

Icy Solo December Long Island Hunt

December solo Hunt, with some real nice runs

March 21st Training Run
Blondie,Shimp,Pippy & Lizzy

BellmoreKennels & FJM Beagles 3/19/14, some fast paced rabbit running!!

September Training RUN


                        Maine Hare Hunt  March 2013

Went on 2 day hare hunt in Maine, with my friends Frank, Joe M and newcomer Joe C, we had a great time. The first day was very cold , about 10 degrees, and the second day we got snowed on, but we made the best of it. The hounds all did well, and have great memories that will last a lifetime. I would like to once again thank our host, Stan Gomm from Boomhill Kennels for a great time. I looking forward to going up in August and again spending time with Stan and his wife as they are great people!!!
We ended up getting 13 Hare and we missed at least another 7 or 8 plus many more stray sightings.
Good food, good home made wine by frank, excellent dog work and awesome friends, it just does not get any better. Thanks guys, I hope we can do it again in NOV!!!
Here is video link

Maine HARE Hunt Video Oct 14 through Oct 16!!!!
Just came back from 2 day hare hunt with my good friends Frank and Joe, had a great time,even though the weather was rainy, we managed to have some great runs, and great memories!Here is video of out trip!! As a bonus,my 3 month old Swiss Pup Chubby opened on his first hare!!!

Maine Hare Running Video August 2012!!
Just came back from family trip, here is video link of hounds running hare. Hounds were Swiss cayenne, Bellmores Shimp, Patch Pebbles, and Blackcreek Mercy. This was first time packed these 4 hounds together, they ran for 2.5 hours!!


Here is a video from Guy Bernard with (BADGER) on snowshoe hare on snow with fridgid below 0 temps!!!!

The following Video Clips are filmed in Maine last summer and you can see my old Swiss Hound LULU running with my pack of beagles!!!
Click on any link for video

Here is a Picture of My New Female PUP, Bellmores Truly Amazing Amy! Born End of December 2011

                                 Maine March 2012

I Finally made it up to Maine for a Hare Hunt with Joe from Double D kennels, we had a Great Trip.

Day 1- We woke up to 3" to 4" of fresh snow, and snowed pretty much all day, we ran a total of 6 or 7 Hare , and harvested 2. We both had chances to shoot at the others but were either out of position or just didnt see the hare.  Dogs ran pretty well all day long.
Here is the Video Link for Day 1-

Day 2- We woke up to sunny skies and 0 Degree weather, which warmed up to mid 20s. The morning running was a little rough on the first hare, but the dogs pulled it together on the second, as they ran him for 2 hours, and at times over 800 yards away!!
The next Hare they chased will forever live in my memories, they ran from 1130 am to close to 4pm, he crossed trails,roads,swamps,openings, thickets and never in the same spot!!!  When it was all said and done, I took 20 shots at him and Joe took 3!!!! He is the Hare in Picture Above, at the end of the video,there is a pic of my garmin screen, just look at the run!!!!
Here is the Video Link for Day 2-

The dogs on the hunt were Double D Snoop Dogg,and Bellmores Shimp, Pup E, Ticked Off Sara, Cee Cee, and Bella! They all did very well, as 3 of them have never chased Hare or hunted on snow!!
A Special thanks to our host Stan Gomm from Boomhill Kennels!!!


2012/2013 Training & Hunting Season Journal!!

Hey guys, here are some videos of my dogs in action, click on any of the links and enjoy!!!



Bellmore Kennels & FJM Beagles
Ran 8 dogs on tough conditions,pretty warm!!
We ran our new Blackcreek females Mercy and Honey along with Sally,sara,amy,rosie,zio, & Patty, they did ok considering conditions on sand and first time out together.

Ran Swiss hound Cayenne, Bellmore shimp, PUP E, and Amy. Alot of baby rabbits, but had couple nice runs. Cayenne's first time out in 3 months, but she did decent and worked well together with the beagles!

Ran Shimp,Pebbles,Sara, and Blackcreek Mercy with Sebastian's 3 Females,ran this rabbit for 20 mins before they lost him, and then ran another for 45 mins

Ran Pebbles,Mercy,Amy and PUPE for couple hours, did pretty good, here a short clip from a run that lasted close to an hour, they lost the rabbit in garbage pile

Went on a solo hunt on Long Island, got 2 ,but ran 6 or 7,hunted from 830 am to around 2pm.
Both packs did well, dogs were
pack 1 -Cayenne, Mercy, Amy
pack 2 -Pebbles,Sara,Angel

First training run of season
Mercy,Amy, Sara, and Katie. All dogs have blackcreek blood

Training run with FJM Beagles

Running at Beagle club with Joe from Rainbow Candy Kennels

Sara & Katie at Beagle Club

Shimp & Mercy Beagle Club

Running the Bellmore Girls

The Bellmore Girls at my club in big enclosure

Either call us at 516 784-1414 or 917 882-9325  or email us at

Here is a Link to a Website of a Very Good Friend of mine that takes great care of his hounds and runs a Great Kennel, and is a HARDCORE RABBIT HUNTER!!!! Take a look at his site, he takes great pride in his hounds!!!


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